Cholung Changtse Monastery

chos lung byang rtse
Alternative Name(s):
Cholung Gon, chos lung dgon pa
Site Type: Monastery
Site Location: Lhatse (lha rtse)
Operating Status: Active
Current Tradition: Geluk
Former Tradition: Jonang
Founding Master: Kunga Drolchok
Former Masters:

Cholung Changtse Monastery was Kunga Drolchok’s monastic seat (gdan sa). This monastery is located 35 kilometers from Takten Damcho Ling, in the Tokzhung (rtog gzhung) region of the Yarlung Valley in the minor Cholung valley, adjacent to the Tagcho River (rtag cho), a tributary of the Tsangpo.

Chloung Changtse was the largest Jonang monasteries in Central Tibet during the time of Kunga Dolchok in the mid-16th century. After Kunga Dolchok’s passing in the year 1566, Khenchen Lungrig Gyatso became the abbot. Cholung Changtse was then converted into a Geluk monastery at the same time as Takten Dam Choling in the mid-17th century.