Education Projects


We support and provide education of the intellectual, artistic, and contemplative traditions of the Jonang for students inside Tibet as well as within the international community.

Educating students from the ages of 5-18, Jonang Foundation provides the facilities, instructors, and classroom environments for Tibetan children to learn the skills necessary for them to progress onto secondary and higher education. Concentrated around Jonang monasteries in the remote Amdo region of far eastern Tibet, this school project constructs schoolhouses, provides qualified teachers, and outfits schools with books and necessary supplies.

Largely defined by its nomadic way of life, the Amdo region of Tibet offers limited access to education. With schools being scarce and tuition being unaffordable for most, nomad Tibetan children in this region often do not have the resources to receive a basic education. This school project enables Tibetan children to receive a primary education free of costs.

Subjects introduced by the Tibet Primary School Project beyond the standard curriculum of reading and writing in the Tibetan language include: mathematics, world history, science, geography, Chinese and English language study.

Project Success

In the summer of 2004, we decided to build a schoolhouse for children from local families and orphans in the nomadic region of eastern Tibet. A year later we had constructed a temporary school made of cinder blocks and inexpensive materials to house the more than 35 students who were sent by their parents for an education. By the spring of 2006, we broke ground for the construction of Losal Ling Primary School or The Oasis for Clear Learning.

As of August 2012, we are proud to announce that the construction of Losal Ling is now complete! There are presently over 100 students living there and studying full-time. The school has the capacity to educate up to 300 students, and is becoming a major center for learning in this remote area of Tibet.

Visit our Tibet Primary School Gallery for the most recent photos of the schoolhouse and students.

Project Status

The foundation is committed to ongoing support of the educational systems and institutions of the Jonangpa. In 2011, we supported sixteen different schools throughout the Gyrarong region of eastern Tibet. Some of these schools were small one room schoolhouses with dirt floors, a stove for heating and cooking, and a few tattered notebooks. With gifts that supported operating costs for each of these schools, their teachers, and students for an entire year, we were able to provide the necessary resources for them to continue their education.

Current educational projects that the foundation is engaged include:

  • Printing Tibetan textbooks to supply schools
  • Supporting the operating costs of select schools
  • Aiding the refurnishing and outfitting of schools

Appeal for Support

Raising the necessary funds for this project continues. Your help is requested in order to support qualified instructors and outfit schools with supplies.

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