Translation of Chod Texts by Taranatha

Translator Sarah Harding has graciously made available two translations of Tarantha‘s writings on Chod practice.

These new translations into English are now available to download as PDFs from the Jonang Foundation online library,

An excerpt from these translations reads,

Mother, when your intention stirs in the East,
with the feelings of unwavering purpose,
your blue-black body radiates rays of light,
sublime topknot sways back and forth,
blue silk ribbons of your tiara flutter,
and bone ornaments swing,
encircled by a hundred thousand vajra ḍākinīs:
Mother Lapdrön, I pray to you.
Dharma Lamp of Enlightenment, I pray to you.
Mistress of experiential realization, I pray to you.
Vista of clear light, I pray to you.
Ḍākinī of primordial awareness, I pray to you.
Great Mother of space, bless me.
Sarah Harding‘s translations include Machik’s Complete Explanation and Creation and Completion. She is an associate professor at Naropa University in Boulder, CO and a fellow of the Tsadra Foundation.
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