Revival of the Bodong: A Video Interview with Geshe Pema Dorjee

As part of our ongoing work to support the preservation and revival of minority traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, we sat down to interview Geshe Pema Dorjee — the leading figure in the revivification of the Bodong tradition. The interview with Geshe was conducted by Jonang Foundation’s director, Dr. Michael R. Sheehy at Wellesley College during February 2016, and discusses the history and current revival of the Bodong.

Interview Contents:

(1) Early Life in Bodong Village, Tibet
(2) History of the Bodong Tradition
(3) Life and Writings of Bodong Chokle Namgyal (1376-1451)
(4) Preserving the Distinct Aspects of the Bodong
(5) Women’s Reincarnation
(6) Current Revival and Humanitarian Work
(7) The New Generation of Bodong
For their assistance, we would like to exetend a special thanks to Carol and Stephen Mackauf at the Tibetan Buddhist Charitable Aid.

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