The Jonang Standing Council

Vision of the Council

The Jonang Standing Council for the Benefit of the Buddha’s Teachings and All Beings was organized in 2005 in response to a consensus among the main elder Jonang exemplars inside Tibet/China that a committee be formed in order to guide the future of the Jonang tradition through collective wisdom.

Purposes of the Council

  • Building alliances and collaborative efforts among Jonang establishments
  • Sustaining the distinctive Jonang heritage of the Kalachakra Tantra and zhentong contemplative view
  • Overseeing the development of institutions that support Jonang monastic education inside Tibet/China
  • Facilitating the emergence and flourishing of the Jonang tradition within the wider international community
  • Hosting the Annual Zhentong Assembly and events that encourage understanding of Jonang thought and practice
  • Publishing seminal Tibetan texts of the Jonang literary corpus
  • Translating selected works of Jonang Tibetan literature into foreign languages
  • Gathering annually to discuss collective future plans and project

Role of Jonang Foundation

Jonang Foundation was established in 2005 in order to support, and serve as a liaison organization for the efforts, aims, and decisions of the Jonang Standing Council and elder exemplars of the Jonang tradition in general, both within Tibet and internationally.

Events & Projects

  • Annual Zhentong Assembly: A Discussion of the Definitive Secret Zhentong Madhyamaka from Shambhala and the Jonang Tradition
  • Jonang Publication Series: A series of Jonang books selected from sutra and tantra works on the secret definitive meaning found within Jonang Tibetan Buddhist literature.

Jonang Foundation Council Members

Khenpo Kunga Sherab Saljay Rinpoche
Senior Advisor of Jonang Foundation and Chief Director of the Jonang Standing Council
Sungnyan Lama
Board Member of Jonang Foundation and Secretary of the Jonang Standing Council
Michael R. Sheehy
Founding Director of Jonang Foundation and a Member of the Jonang Standing Council