Current Tradition/Orientations: Geluk

Tsechen Monastery


Tsechen Monastery was the main monastic seat (gdan sa) of Nyawon Kunga Pal, one of the primary disciples of Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen. With approximately 600 monks in residence at the…

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Cholung Changtse Monastery


Cholung Changtse Monastery was Kunga Drolchok’s monastic seat (gdan sa). This monastery is located 35 kilometers from Takten Damcho Ling, in the Tokzhung (rtog gzhung) region of the Yarlung Valley…

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Takten Damcho Puntsok Ling Monastery

Takten Damcho Ling Ngedon Gaway Tshal, sometimes referred to as “Takten Phuntsok Ling,” was established by Jetsun Taranatha in the year 1615. Located about an hour south of the Great…

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