Rinchen Ling Nunnery

rin chen jo mo dgon
Site Type: Nunnery
Site Location: Lhatse (lha rtse)
Operating Status: Active
Current Tradition: Jonang
Former Tradition: Geluk, Jonang
Current Residents: 15

Located in the valley adjacent from Cholung Changtse, this is one of the only active Jonang sites in U-Tsang. The monastery is said to have been a place where Rwa Lotsawa lived. During the lifetime of Kunga Dolchok (1507-1565), Rinchen Ling was a small Jonang monastery. When Takten Damcho Ling became a Geluk monastery in the mid-17th century, Rinchen Ling was then also converted into a Geluk establishment. In the 1990’s, it was changed back to a Jonang nunnery. Rinchen Ling is now the home of 15 nuns who spend their time in meditation retreat.