Dzamthang Tsangwa Monastery

dzam thang gtsang ba
Alternative Name(s):
Tsangwa Gabma, gtsang ba 'gab ma, gtsang ba dgon, shar 'dzam thang bsam 'grub nor bu'i gling, 'dzam thang gtsang ba dgon bsam 'grub nor bu'i gling, 中壤塘寺
Site Type: Monastery
Operating Status: Active
Current Tradition: Jonang
Former Tradition: Jonang
Date Established: 1717
Current Residents: 1500
Founding Master: Lodro Namgyal
TBRC Place #: G1KR166

The major monastic seat (gdan sa) of the Jonang tradition today in Amdo, Tsangwa Monastery was established by Lodro Namgyal, one of Taranatha’s heart disciples. In 1658, the year that Taranatha’s Takten Damcho Ling was officially converted in U-Tsang, Lodro Namgyal bestowed the full Kalachakra empowerment at this site during its inauguration ceremony.


Along with Choje Monastery, Tsangwa became a sanctuary for the Jonangpa in Amdo. Today, Tsangwa is the central monastic complex of the Jonang and is associated with Jonang affiliate monasteries (dgon lags) throughout Eastern Tibet.