Patrons of Jonang Foundation

We at Jonang Foundation would like to express our deep gratitude to the following organizations and individuals who have provided financial support for our projects, and therefore made our work possible:

Tibet Primary School Project

  • AHS Foundation (Gage Schubert)
  • The Bridge Fund (funding provided by the Government of Norway)
  • Lantern Projects
  • Mary Ellen and Russel Reed
  • Kelly and Sam Kolodney
  • Jerome Trupiano
  • David Templeman
  • Richard Wilson
  • Jeffrey Wilson
  • Jim Hall
  • Alessandro Zuzic
  • Wolfgang Brandt

Jonang Art & Literature Collection

  • Tsadra Foundation
  • Khyentse Foundation
  • The Bridge Fund
  • Shelly & Donald Rubin Foundation

Jonang Digital Documentary Project

  • Khyentse Foundation

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