Sutra Tantra Series

Jonang Sutra and Tantra Series

We are glad to announce and make available for purchase the long anticipated publication, The Jonang Sutra and Tantra Series.

This 26 volume collection titled, Jo nang mdo sngags rig pa’i dpe tshogs includes select texts from major authors of the Jonang tradition. Works in the collection are written by Tāranātha (1575-1634), Bamda Thubten Gelek Gyatso (1844-1904), Dzamthang Khenpo Tsoknyi Gyatso (1880-1904), and Droge Jamyang Khenrab Gyatso (1901-1959). This collection is particularly significant because it includes many of the works of Bamda Gelek for the first time in a typeface printed edition. Published in China at the Sichuan Mi rigs dpe skrun khang (Chengdu, 2009).

To purchase this collection, visit the Assorted Tibetan Books page in JF’s online Shop.

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