Conceived a decade ago in eastern Tibet, and incorporated a year later in the U.S., Jonang Foundation is commemorating its ten year anniversay with the launch of a full upgrade to our online home: This upgrade commences version 3.0 of the website. The first generation was a few simple pages of text describing our mission, launched in 2005. By 2007, we had built a Drupal platform site. That version 2.0 site went under several improvements over the years, but none that total the overhaul that we have with this launch.

One of the primary functions of Jonang Foundation is to serve as an online educational resource and reference for information about the Jonang Buddhist tradition. With this site upgrade, utilizing a state-of-the-art database-driven platform, customized to our specific needs, we are better equipped to display and make accessible the research that we continue on this little-known tradition. 

Upgrades to features and content of the site include: 

  • Refreshed design and web presence
  • Integrated Jonangpa Blog into the main site
  • Added a Timeline of Jonang historical events
  • Added a database of Jonang Artifacts 
  • Added multiple new Sites to database on Google Earth map
  • Added biographies of prominent Jonang Masters
  • Added Gallery of select image sets
  • Added new Homepage design with slider
  • Added new Footer with social media links
  • Enhanced features to Sites and Masters databases
  • Optimized smartphone and tablet interface
  • Simplified navigation menu organization
  • Edited and revised page content throughout

Though there are multiple areas that we see need immediate improvement, we hope that you will enjoy this refreshed version of our website. We continue to regularly edit, curate, and fill-out the site.

Future efforts will concentrate on building the content of our multiple databases, the gallery, timeline, library, and map. In particular, we will be adding content to the new database of Jonang Artifacts, archival images that we have collected during our fieldwork over the years. 

We conceive of as an online archive to navigate this extraordinary tradition, and we hope that you will make full use. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions about how we might further improve the site. 


A special thanks to our web-developer Anthony Hall, the site designer and master Ari Salomon, to Connor McCarty for his dedicated volunteer work on the Timeline and Map, and to Parker Murff for her editorial work on the biographies. 





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