Jonang Drogge Khenpo Palden Passes

We are deeply saddened to announce the untimely passing of Khenpo Kunga Palden Gyatso (1964-2013), a dear teacher and friend, and a member of our Board of Advisors.
Khenpo Palden, affectionately known by many of us in the Jonangpa community as “Drogge Palden,” was the chief khenpo at Drogge Monastery in Ngawa, Tibet. His tragic passing comes as shocking news. Khenpo Palden along with his driver and another monk, all from Drogge Monastery, were on route from Barkam back to their monastery where Khenpo Palden and his driver were killed in a car accident.
Khenpo Palden was a true luminary. At fifty years old, he was at the peak of his intellectual life. Khenpo was the author of numerous biographies of modern Jonang masters as well as a few highly regarded writings on zhentong. Khenpo is highly regarded and admired as one the great living Jonang masters. He oversaw the scholastic curriculum and training of hundreds of Jonang monks in Tibet.
Monks from Jonang monasteries all over the Amdo region are gathering today at Drogge Monastery to commemorate his life, perform the passage rites and pray.
We will be posting a brief biography of Khenpo Palden soon. See Khenpo Kunga Palden Gyatso‘s works and profile in the TBRC Library.

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