JF Newsletter #2: Winter ’08

ver the past few months, we’ve been very active at Jonang Foundation. In this 2nd edition of the JF Newsletter, we bring you the news and highlight some of our latest activities.

From early December through the end of January, we conducted our 1st teaching tour through Europe where Khenpo Kunga Sherab Rinpoche performed the Kalachakra empowerment from the Jonang transmission lineage, several condensed empowerments, and taught on zhentong in Italy. The Kalachakra empowerment and teaching retreat were translated into Italian by Valeria Donati, and into English by myself. Tulku Kunga Zangpo also made the trip to the French Alps where he was invited to teach. We would like to thank our friends and hosts throughout Italy and France for their hospitality, and we look forward to deepening our relationships with all of you in the coming years.

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Winter ’08
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