Choje Monastery

chos rje
Alternative Name(s):
aDzamthang Gongchen Ngedon Gaway Tshal, 'dzam thang dgon chen nges don dga' ba'i tshal
Site Type: Monastery
Operating Status: Active
Current Tradition: Jonang
Former Tradition: Jonang
Date Established: 1425
Current Residents: 500+
Founding Master: Rinchen Pal
TBRC Place #: G529

Choje Monastery was the 1st Jonang establishment in the Amdo region of Far Eastern Tibet. According to a prophesy accredited to Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen, Choje Monastery was established by one of Chogle Namgyal’s disciples, Ratnashri in the year 1425 and has remained a major monastic seat (gdan sa) for the Jonangpa ever since.


Choje Monastery served as the major Jonang monastery in Amdo for centuries and was an oasis for the Jonangpa in Dzamthang during their 17th century persecution by the Geluk in Central Tibet. At one time, it is estimated that there were up to 10,000 monks in the Dzamthang area who were affiliated with Choje. Since the 17th century, the Jonangpa have expanded in Dzamthang to include 2 other major monasteries adjacent to Choje: 1) Tsechu Monastery; 2) Tsangwa Monastery.