Kalachakrapada the Elder

Du zhabs Chen po
Alternative Name(s): Duzhab Chenpo (Du zhabs Chen po), Jamyang Dorje ('Jam dbyangs Rdo rje)
Birth: Early 11th cent.
Transmissions Received: Kalachakra empowerment (dbang), oral authorization (lung), instruction (khrid) and Trilogy of Commentaries by Bodhisattvas (Sems 'grel skor gsum) from Kalkin Aja.

According to the Dro Kalachakra tradition, Kalachakrapada the Elder was the 1st Indian to recieve the Kalachakra tradition. As the legend is told, circa the early 11th century, a man named Jamyang Dorje was walking along a path in Northern India when he had a vision of his meditation deity (yi dam) Manjushri. The bodhisattva then prophesized for him to continue on his path northwards where he would encounter the Kalkin Aja from Shambhala. When they met, the kalkin is said to have bestowed the complete Kalachakra empowerment upon him, initiating him as the first Indian in this line of Kalachakra transmission. After 6 months in meditation retreat on the six-fold vajrayoga (sbyor drug) of the Kalachakra, Jamyang Dorje reportedly transported himself to the mythical realm of Shambhala where he met again with the kalkin and recieved more elaborate instructions on the Kalachakra Tantra, the Trilogy of Commentaries by Bodhisattvas and several other unexcelled yoga tantras. Jamyang Dorje is said to have memorized most of these instructions and then carried a few texts with him back to India. He later became known for his expertise on the tantra and was reknown as, “Kalachakrapada the Elder.” Kalachakrapada the Elder then transmitted the Kalachakra Tantra and its commentary on to his primary disciple Shribhadra or “Kalachakrapada the Younger.” He is thought to have vanished into a rainbow-body (‘ja’ lus).