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1920-1975. Khenpo Lodro Drakpa

Associated Person/Place: Khenpo Lodro Drakpa Khenpo Ngawang Lodro Drakpa (1920-1975), a vajra master (rdo rje slob dpon) at Tsangwa Monastery in the Dzamthang region of Amdo — often referred to as “Mati Rinpoche” — was one of the leading intellectual figures and most prolific Jonangpa authors of the twentieth century. Read more about Khenpo Lodro Drakpa Primary…

1874. Losal Tenkyong unseals Takten Ling Printery

Associated Person/Place: Takten Damcho Puntsok Ling Monastery Takten Damcho Ling Ngedon Gaway Tshal, sometimes referred to as "Takten Phuntsok Ling," Read more about Takten Damcho Puntsok Ling Monastery Primary Date: 1874