Tibet Reader

Discovering the Jonang: A Pilgrimage Through Central Tibet

July 10-26, 2009

A Cultural & Educational Expedition Hosted by Jonang Foundation

In Collaboration with Amitabha Travel Agency

This condensed packet of readings was compiled in order to provide background information about Tibet and Tibetan culture in preparation for the Jonang Foundation group trip to Central Tibet, ’09. In it you will find select materials from both academic and popular sources, Western scholars and Tibetan masters in translation. It is not meant to be inclusive, but rather is intended to introduce broad historic and cultural themes that may be encountered on the journey. Readings were selected in order to help orient pilgrims in the geographic and mythic landscape of Central Tibet.

Of course, none of these readings are “required,” but are simply being provided for your own amusement with the hope that it may aid in contextualizing your time on voyage in Tibet. Selections are a mixture of practical readings on the sites where we will visit, Tibetan history and cosmology, Himalayan Buddhist practices of pilgrimage, the allure of relics, popular perceptions and cultural observations on Tibet, folk culture and indigenous narratives. There are selections from guidebooks and maps of the territory. A list of further suggested readings is also included.

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