Refund Policy

Donation Refund

Donations made to Jonang Foundation are final and nonrefundable.

Pilgrimage Cancellation & Refund

The enrollment down-payment required for each person to reserve a spot on a Jonang Foundation Pilgrimage program is final and nonrefundable. Each enrollment down-payment is credited towards the person’s total program cost, and deducted therefrom. In the case of a person’s necessary cancellation, up to two weeks prior to the first day of the program, any cost paid in addition to the enrollment down-payment towards the total will be refunded, and the enrollment down-payment may be credited towards reserving a spot on a future Jonang Foundation Pilgrimage.

Terms and Conditions

The full payment for a Pilgrimage program is to be paid on or before the date indicated for each program. Each participant is solely responsible and liable for paying all costs and expenses related to their own participation in the Pilgrimage activity. Payments are final and nonrefundable for those who have participated in a Pilgrimage.

Each participant on a Jonang Foundation Pilgrimage agrees to comply with all applicable policies of Jonang Foundation while participating in the Pilgrimage activity. Each participant is to sign the Jonang Foundation Travel Liability Waiver, distributed before each program, to ensure agreement on the assumption of risk and release from liability.

Shop Purchase Refund

All sales from the Jonang Foundation online shop are final and nonrefundable. If evidence shows that merchandise received from an order placed via the Jonang Foundation Shop is recieved damaged, we will replace the purchased item.

Contact Information

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