Pilgrim Testimonials

A few select testimonials from recent JF Pilgrims:
"The best exploration of unknown Tibet. Camping near wonderful lakes and old unreachable monasteries revealed the Buddhist culture diffused in the country."  Pietro, JF Pilgrim 
"Trip of a lifetime! Michael Sheehy's knowledge of Tibetan history and Dharma are unparalleled, and his sincerity, command of the language and respect for others literally opened many doors for us as we toured so many sacred sites. The best way to travel Tibet!" — Chester, JF Pilgrim 
“When considered in the broad offering of trips to out-of-the-way places where one might explore a spiritual tradition this program was tip top. The two main criteria for such trips are logistical know-how and breadth of knowledge. We all had numerous occasions to test these two criteria. Two words: flying colors. Flying colors.! " — Deb, JF Pilgrim 

"The pilgrimage was a life-changing journey with unexpected deep experiences at many of the great sacred places of Tibet. There was one highlight after the other."  Sabina, JF Pilgrim 
"If you want detailed information on the history of Tibetan Buddhism and a chance to travel to remote monasteries off the normal tourist track, this trip is for you!  You must be flexible, patient, and able to endure long drives on dirt roads (with spectacular scenery!), but your reward is a chance to visit important historical places that no one you know has ever heard of, much less seen." Kate, JF Pilgrim 
"Thanks to Michael Sheehy and the Jonang Foundation for making it possible to experience and understand more deeply the holy sites of Western Tibet.  What a blessing!"  — Karen, JF Pilgrim 
"During the three weeks I spent participating in the Jonang Foundation's Pilgrimage to Tibet, I made just the kinds of connections I'd hope to make with the land, its people, and its profound traditions. Though challenging at times, the pilgrimage was always enriching and rewarding. I'm very grateful to Michael Sheehy, the supporting crew, and the other participants for making it all possible." — Doug, JF Pilgrim 
"This was my second trip with Jonang Foundation ... I went on Trip 01 (2014) to the Penpo region and was so pleased to visit sites less traveled and monasteries with such significant history attached to them in the development of Buddhism... Among the many highlights of this 'kora themed' journey were: meditating amongst 1000 old Sharabum Kadam stupas, the juniper forests at Reting Monastery, meditation caves at Drak Yerpa, Nalendra Monastery, Tsurpu Monasatery, the cliff top monastery of Drikung Til, camping by the Kyichu River, bathing with Tibetan women in the hot springs at Tirdrum,  enjoyed freetime in Lhasa, the magnificent Potala Palace and the paintings in the Secret Chamber of the Great Fifth Dalai Lama in the Dragon Temple (so well explained by Michael!) ... and overall the vast landscape of Tibet. I look forward to the next trip."  Adrienne, (2x) JF Pilgrim 

"I found Michael Sheehy and the Jonang Foundation extremely planful and mindful of the pilgrimage to Mt. Kalaish and various spiritual and sacred areas of Tibet. We were able to experience a very remote and incredible land with regular teachings at various sites on the history of culture and Buddhist teachings. Jonang Foundation provides an organized and safe journey, and one that I would consider traveling with again." — Jean, JF Pilgrim 
"An amazing trip to spectacular landscapes, beautiful ancient monasteries and cities with an American pilgrimage leader who speaks fluent Tibetan and knows the land, people and their culture deeply." — Ananda, JF Pilgrim 
"This pilgrimage to Tibet has deepened my awareness to the culture, landscapes, people and traditions, and also to the teaching’s of Buddhism,  Very well organized. Thank-you!" — Christley, JF Pilgrim