Lecture in Alabama

Lecture on JF’s Work: At the University of Alabama

April 16, 2010

The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Applied Scholarship in Tibetan Cultural Regions of China: Perspectives and Contributions from Jonang Foundation”

Michael R. Sheehy, Ph.D.

In this talk, Dr. Michael Sheehy, the founder and director of Jonang Foundation will discuss seminal themes at the intersection of scholarship and development work in culturally Tibetan regions of western China.

Reflecting on the education and cultural preservation work of Jonang Foundation and the specific Tibetan research community of the Jonang tradition of Buddhism, this lecture will explore how contemporary scholarship in the field is being applied in order to contribute and be relevant to communities and locations of research. Particular attention will be given to modalities for conducting fieldwork in Tibetan regions, the role of digital media in preservation and documentation work, and how researchers and students are utilizing online resources in the academic field of Tibetan studies.


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