Jonang Publication Series III

The Jonang Publication Series (Jo nang dpe tshogs) is an annual series dedicated to making select sutra and tantra works available from all genres of the Jonang literary tradition. Each Tibetan text in this series of important Buddhist classics was chosen from the corpus of Jonang Tibetan Buddhist literature to reflect the contemporary scholastic curriculum within Jonang monasteries inside Tibet. Texts were carefully input for publication from rare manuscripts by Jonang scholars and monks as part of this ongoing project.

These Jonang books were selected and edited under The Jonang Standing Council in association with Jonang Foundation, and are being made available for purchase here.

See also, the Series I and Series II pages.

This third set of 12 books (vols. 22-33) published as part of this series are:

22. ‘Khrul ‘joms, by Chogle Namgyal.
A primary work by one of Dolpopa’s main disciples on buddhanature and vajrayana practice. Previously unpublished.
23. Bstan ‘gyur dkar chag, by Chogle Namgyal.
Catalog of the Tibetan Buddhist canon of commentarial literature. Previously unpublished.
24. Dus ‘khor rgyud snying bsdus pa, by Kupng Thukje Tsondru.
Essential condensation of the Kalachakra Tantra by one of the early Jonang Kalachakra masters. Previously unpublished.
25. Gsal sgron rnam bzhi, by Drubchen Yumo Mikyo Dorje.
The Four Lamps on the Kalachakra sixfold vajrayoga practice themes of emptiness, luminosity, coalescence, and mahamudra by one of the preeminent forefathers of the Jonang Kalchakra tradition. .
26. Mdo sde gyi rnam bshad, by Sazang Mati Panchen.
Commentary on the Mahayanasutralankara by one of Dolpopa’s primary disciples. Previously unpublished.
27. Bya ba kun las btus pa, by Sazang Mati Panchen.
Compendium of principles for vajrayana practice. Previously unpublished.
28. Ka lA pa’i mdo’i rnam bshad, by Sazang Mati Panchen.
Explanation of the Ka lA pa’i mdo on sanskrit grammar.
29. Ngo sprod rgyud gsum gsal byed, by Drigung Lotsawa.
Writings on the full range of the vajrayana path. Previously unpublished.
30. Bstan pa spyi ‘grel gyi ‘gral ba, by Gharungpa Lhai Gyaltsen.
Commentary on one of Dolpopa’s most celebrated works by one of his close disciples. Previously unpublished.
31. Rgyud bla ma’i ‘grel ba, by Rinchen Yeshe and Yeshe Dorje.
Commentary on the Uttaratantra. Previously unpublished.
32. ‘Od gsal rgyan gyi bshad pa, by Nyawon Kunga Pal.
An important writing on zhentong from the experience of vajrayoga practice. Previously unpublished.
33. Bshes ‘phrn rnam bshad, by Taranatha.
Lecture notes composed by disciples on Taranatha’s commentary on the Mahayanasutralankara Nagarjuna’s Suhrilekha and the Kalachakra Tantra. Previously unpublished.
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**Works in this series are in the Tibetan language, in printed Tibetan script (dbu can). Each volume is in bound paperback book form and was printed by Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, People’s Publishing House, Beijing. This set of Jonang books is in “The Quintessence of Tibetan Cultural Series: The Jonang Series, Tibetan Buddhism” (ISBN: 978-7-105-08168-4, etc.).

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