Jonang Nuns Project

The Jonang Nuns Project was initiated during the Summer of 2007 in order to provide greater care for women Buddhist practitioners in Tibet. In particular, the project is concerned with raising funds in order to provide Jonang nuns with the necessary resources for housing, education, and meditation practice.

At present, the project is concentrating on Swe Nunnery, one of only a handful of Jonang nunneries in Tibet and currently the only active Jonang nunnery in Amdo. Originally a mountain meditation retreat, it became a nunnery 16 years ago and is now home to 60 nuns ranging in age from 13 to 40. As it continues to expand, the nunnery is in great need of funding to build more houses, meditation buildings, and other facilities. As the Jonang Nuns Project gains support, we will work with growing communities of Buddhist nuns throughout Tibet.

There are several Jonang nunneries across the Tibetan plateau. In central Tibet, nunneries have remained some of the few existing Jonang establishments, and nuns have become great caretakers for the tradition. One of the most predominant nunneries is the nunnery at the Jonang Stupa.

Support the Jonang Nuns Project

Any contribution to the JF Nuns Project would be greatly appreciated. The nuns’ spiritual richness cannot mask the fact that they are otherwise under-funded and under-recognized by the larger Tibetan Buddhist community. Your support will not only ensure the maintenance and expansion of the nunnery, it will also work towards promoting awareness and continuation of the Jonang, an important and little-known tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Contribute towards the Nuns Project via our Support page.