Contributing Authors

Scholars who have contributed posts to the blog:

Cyrus Stearns, Ph.D. is an independent author, scholar of Buddhism, and translator of the Tibetan language. He has served as an oral interpreter for numerous Tibetan masters, most notably Chogye Trichen Rinpoche and the late Dezhung Tulku Rinpoche. Among his publications are The Buddha from Dolpo (SUNY, ’99), Luminous Lives (Wisdom, ’02), Taking the Result as the Path (Wisdom, ’06), and King of the Empty Plain (Snow Lion, ’07). Cyrus serves as a member on the Board of Directors for Jonang Foundation.

Thomas Roth has been serving as the translator and interpreter for Ven. Tenga Rinpoche since 1983. From 1981-1988, he was ordained as a monk and spent several years in retreat under Tenga Rinpoche’s guidance. He also studied closely with the late Nenang Pawo Rinpoche and Kalu Rinpoche. He has studied and practiced predominantly according to the Kamtsang and Shangpa Kagyu traditions and has a special interest in the Jonang tradition, particularly concerning their unique transmissions of Tārā-related materials. Thomas lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.