Italy Teachings '09

Teaching Tour in Italy, 2009


In Collaboration with Dorje Ling Jonang Buddhist Centers and Mandala Centers, Italy


We are pleased to announce Tulku Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche's teaching tour in Italy this February. For those of you who joined us last winter in Italy for the great Kalachakra empowerment and teaching tour, we hope that you continue this year. For others interested in these teachings, we invite you to join in Tulku Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche's visit.


Itinerary in Italy:

    Saturday, Feb. 14: Mandala Buddhist Center
    10am - 12 & 2pm- 4pm: Teachings on Kalachakra
    Sunday, Feb. 15: Mandala Buddhist Center
    10am - 12: Teachings & Vajrapani Empowerment
    3pm - 5pm: Vajrapani Empowerment Continued
    Saturday, Feb. 21: Samten Ling Mandala Center
    5pm - 8pm: Teachings on Kalachakra
    Sunday, Feb. 22: Samten Ling Mandala Center
    10am - 12: Teachings & Manjushri Empowerment
    3pm - 5pm: Manjushri Enpowerment Continued
    Wednesday, Feb. 25: Mandala Buddhist Center
    8:30pm - 10pm: Meditation Session with Tshog Feast


Venues in Italy:

Mandala Centro Studi Tibetani, via Martinetti 7, 20147 Milano, Italy

Mandala Samten Ling, Casale Campiglie 84, 13895 Graglia (Biella), Italy

Website: Mandala Centers | Email: [email protected] | Phone: +39.340.085.2285

The itinerary is tentative and subject to change. Teachings will be in the Tibetan language and the Italian language.


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