Art & Literature Collection


Texts, knowledge and art of the Jonang are emerging for the first time outside of Tibet. In order to safeguard and make accessible this rare and previously unavailable Tibetan Buddhist art and literature, Jonang Foundation has commenced the Jonang Art & Literature Collection; a project enhancing initial efforts at preserving through digital imaging technology the Jonang Tibetan Buddhist artistic and literary traditions.

Purposes & Priorities

  • Promoting research and scholarship of the Jonang
  • Digitizing and making available Jonang art and literature
  • Cataloguing bibliographic Jonang art and textual materials
  • Translating historically and philosophically significant Jonang texts
  • Conserving traditional wood-block printing presses of the Jonang
  • Reproducing and disseminating presently unavailable Jonang texts
  • Diffusing Kalachakra art and literature, and zhentong Jonang literature

The Initiative

The Jonang Art & Literature Collection project was initiated during the summer of 2004 in the Amdo/Golok region of Far Eastern Tibet under the guidance and support of several Jonang Khenpos and Lamas. This initiative is based inside Tibet and plans to include undocumented artistic and literary materials at locations outside of the Amdo region of Tibet.

Jonang Foundation is collaborating with the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) at the Rubin Museum of Art, New York City and Himalayan Art Resources in order to make digitally documented Jonang art and literary materials available.

To contribute towards this project, please see our Support page.